How to Mine Vertcoin VTC: The Ultimate Guide for Vertcoin Mining

Vertcoin is all about fairness and simplicity of the mining process. One of the reasons for that is the software, that even a child can use – the 1-click miner. Last week, on the 24th of August, f2pool hosted its first meetup in Moscow. To recover losses, we have decided to recalculate the revenue of the affected miners in terms of their actual hashrate during this period and make compensation. The relevant data has been collected, recalculation has been completed, and the compensation will be distributed into affected accounts on August 20, 2020 UTC.

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The portion of the block reward miners receive will be reduced from 14 XZC to 6.25 XZC. The total block reward for CLO will be reduced from 216 CLO to 129 CLO on September 20, 2020. The portion of the block reward miners receive will be reduced from 129.6 CLO to 71.28 CLO. We support the PPS payout scheme, which facilitates higher and more stable rewards.

Resolution for the high ETH transaction fees mined on 2022-04-05

Thank you for your support and we hope for your understanding. We are excited to inform you that f2pool now supports mining on the Qitmeer Umayyad Network Mainnet, with MEER as its native token. Currently, platforms such as Mixin Messenger support VCASH.

However, its low price and dim growth prospects aren’t very promising if you’re looking to make millions with mining. A third factor you’ll want to consider is the location of the pool servers. You need to find a pool with servers that are located close to you, at least on the same continent. So, if you’re in Los Angeles it’s best to find a pool with servers in Los Angeles, or at least in the U.S.

best monacoin pool

Please note that the same identity information is only eligible for applying zero fees for one mining account and its subaccounts under the same email. It is possible that we cease your zero fee arrangements without further notifications if any anomaly is discovered regarding the ID verification. By enabling Telegram alerts, you will be notified when your machine goes offline, and when a payout is made. Bind your Telegram account to your f2pool account by following this guide. F2pool reserves all rights for the final explanations for this event.

The Best Monero Mining Pools

It’s actually pretty easy – each mining gear has a software, which you connect to the pool of your choice. No registration means no private information on the website of the pool. For Bitcoin, in particular, you need to adjust the AISC’s software from your PC.

best monacoin pool

The ETC network will perform the Thanos hard fork at block 11,700,000, which will be mined on about November 29, 2020. Meanwhile, the ETC network’s DAG file will decrease in size. With this decrease, 3GB and 4GB GPUs will be able to continue mining ETC. Once the network upgrade is complete, mining Grin-29 will no longer be supported at f2pool. You will still be able to check your mining revenue for Grin-29 until March 15, 2021. After the upgrade, the fixed block reward will remain the same, however, the gas fee structure will be adjusted to “BaseFee + Tips”.

GRIN pool service and payouts resumed

It will be quite helpful, as it increases your chances of success. It then leads to stable incomes, with the rewards divided among all participants. With solo mining, your earnings won’t be as stable, and success might take a great amount of time, sometimes months or even a year. BTG looks like a good choice for beginners to start crypto mining using graphics processing units. Even if the BTG exchange rate drops down, you will be able to use the hash power of your GPU for mining other digital currencies.

Further to that, your internet connection should be reliable, as you’ll need constant access to the blockchain to mine and make money. If you’re capped on data, have in mind that you would need about 500MB of traffic daily, for each device. When deciding on best monacoin pool how many rigs to set up it’s also important to check your power grid capacity to avoid any electrical issues. CKB is the token of the PoW public chain project named Nervos. Its mining algorithm is Eaglesong, which supports NVIDIA and AMD GPU card mining.

  • We will restore the IMG pool and make all payouts after the IMG network returns to a stable condition.
  • That’s because the electricity in China is cheaper than most of the other countries and that allowed Chinese mining farms to make a big profit.
  • Last week, on the 24th of August, f2pool hosted its first meetup in Moscow.

The ability to check ETP mining revenue using your address will be retained for two months. F2pool has reopened the CFX mining pool today as the recent anomaly on the Conflux network has been resolved. Mining revenues will be temporarily credited to your balance.

Switch to other networks with your current, unmodified hardware. 4 GB GPUs will continue work on mining other coins such as BEAM, RVN, SERO, and ETC. You may refer to the f2pool Popular Miners page to see revenue information on different networks. Due to the transaction code upgrade component of the hard fork, we will temporarily pause Grin payouts as the upgrade is underway, including payouts of Grin-29 and Grin-32.

Best Crypto Wallets

Quarkchain is a blockchain infrastructure that provides Quark cryptocurrency to mine with GPU. It enables you to easily generate QRK through the mining process. It is one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine, which provides high flexibility, scalability, and usability. Beam is a confidential cryptocurrency that enables you to perform trading transactions by maintaining privacy.

Yes, you can use both and you won’t be needing any physical hardware. Introducing this to the game led to an increase in popularity and reignited its reputation among fans. Tournaments have prize pools of these items, and there is even an in-game economy being created around this feature that has real-world economic consequences.

Thus, the daily mining rewards a miner receives may fluctuate significantly, while the long-term rewards are expected to be consistent with the theoretical rewards. Once again, it’s not really worth it if you mine DOGE solo, but mining pools and cloud mining are both good options when it comes to Dogecoin. Check out our detailed how-to guide on mining Dogecoin here.

If you are mining XMR, please switch to another coin to avoid any losses. Regarding the previous announcement of the closure of our SERO pool, f2pool has completed the payouts of all SERO account balances. If you have any questions, please contact us at or open a support ticket. Due to the issues on the CFX network and the CFX pool payment system, some miners have not received their November 12 payouts yet. We are now working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Due to an abnormality in the Ergo node, we have executed an emergency suspension of our Ergo pool.

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